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The Journal accepts article only if they are written on the proposed template and send to : [email protected]

Author's obligation is to provide names of 3-4 potential competent reviewers who were not recent co-authors or collaborators and are familiar
with the subject of the manuscript. The names of the potential reviewers must be accompanied by their affiliations, complete addresses, telephone numbers and e-mail addresses.



Aim & Scope

Acta Kinesiologica - International Scientific Journal of Kinesiology is published twice a year        containing          review          and        scientific (sometimes professional and preliminary communication) articles in all wide areas of kinesiology (human movement science). In addition, articles can be published from other scientific areas if do satisfy higher degree of correspondence with kinesiology.

General publishing policy

Each submitted article first passes through evaluation according to journal intentions, editing (preparations), format, and general satisfaction. If satisfies those criteria, will be sent as blind (without information about authors) to anonyms referees. Authors take all responsibility for article contents and ethics. Journal can ask special statement from authors about originality of research as well as statement that article is not published or sent to any other publication. Author's rights remain, but journal can freely dispose with article in sense of reprint or other types of publication distributions. Authors have right for one printed copy of journal and further copies by 50 % of full price. All other questions stand in order with standard law presumptions in society.

Article preparation

It is recommended that the structure of article       include Abstract,        Introduction, Problem     and     aim,        Methods,   Results, Discussion and conclusions, References. This recommendation is not a firm obligation for authors but helps a way for publishing and further ideas understanding. Articles are not restricted in amount, but if article contains more than 7 journal pages the author can be informed about additional payment for printing costs. Expected size is 12000 characters  without     tables     and     figures (exceptionally 14000). All tables should be standardized (e.g. Excel) and photos and other illustrations made in format that allows good printing result (600 dpi). Journal takes rights to manage illustration for printing preparation, and author will be informed by e-mail.


After accepting the article for publication, authors need to pay 200 euros to the publisher account, "Association of Physical Education Teacher - Ljubuški". Payments from BiH: Unicredit bank: 3381602200768293.  Payments from abroad: IBAN: BA39 3381 6048 7662 3291 ; SWIFT: UNCRBA22.



Article types

Article can be one of the following:

  1. Professional paper – usually known topics and thematic expressed in new manner, or in new field of application,
  2. Preliminary scientific communication – new ideas but without strict proof through research,
  3. Original scientific paper – complete project, from idea, through research to suggestions,
  4. Review paper – mostly conceptual approach based on several projects and literature/researches comparison.


Journal uses APA reference citation (egg. Publication  Manual of       the     American Psychological Association, 5th edition, 2001). Literature may contain only the authors cited in the text. We accept articles in electronic form exclusively (e-mail, CD, disc).

Address for articles submission

Acta kinesiologica only accepts electronic submission to the official email:
[email protected]


Articles that do not satisfy requirements will be immediately return to corresponding author for corrections.


Additional information can be viewed at address: Issue price: 15 Euro, Overseas: 30 Euro + postal fee. Journal copyright and distribution according to law.

Acta Kinesiologica ®: All rights app.


 Print the enclosed document. Fill it in accordingly and send it along with the article.


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